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June 21, 2021



      Let all things be still, honoring that of Earth, that grows, that has rebirth.  Look, and see, and be still.  Let humanity be quiet, looking, and honoring.  In stillness, hear The Wind, for The Wind shall move amongst that, which is still.  And those, who are quiet, will hear the story, carried in The Wind.  The Wind will speak, to each of you, in a different way.  Be still, be quiet, and harken to that, which The Wind will say.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to miss the beauty, of Earth, that exists all around you, that grows all around you, when you are too busy, to pay attention, when you believe that, which you have to do, is more important than God’s creation, continuing, all around you.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Look, and see, and you will hear The Wind, as it moves around each of thee.  For, I AM The Wind, and I rise-up, and all that I touch, and all that I move, is touched, and moved, for The Glory of God.