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June 22, 2021


      Do not be tossed by turbulence, all around you.  Come to Me.  My arms are open, and they will gather thee, and draw you near to Me, and you will feel My Presence, most assuredly, wrapping around you.  My arms are strong, so you do not have to be.  My arms will hold you.  They will enfold you.  They will be your safe place, your Harbor of Grace.  And, held within My arms, you will be at peace.  Come, draw nearer to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The chaos and confusion, of the world created by man, will cease, and be still, for you, when you rest, in the arms of God.  This comfort is there for you.  This peace is there for you.  So, be aware, it is for you, and all, who desire, this safe, sweet place of God’s Grace.  Be at peace this day, as you rest in The Eternal Arms of God.