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June 23, 2019



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, and I AM close to you.  I AM as close to you as a gentle breeze, which seems to flow over you, and all around you.  I AM with you.  I will often come in answer to your prayer.  I will come in answer to your song.  I will come to watch you in sheer delight as you are joyful, in celebration of all that has come to you; for, the greatest things that come to you are the ones that come as a surprise, as a gift, fulfilling a need, you did not even know you had, until the gift was there!


“If you are a parent, you might remember, when your child was very small, just learning to walk, and they would often wrap their arms around your leg, and then let-go, a little bit at a time, a step or two, and then run back, holding your leg, assuring their balance, making sure you were there… because to them… that leg to which they did cling was your presence, your comfort, your support for them.  And then, as the days and the weeks go by, the steps away lead them farther and farther, until they turn around and see how far they have come from the leg of support, and they run back again.  And this continues for quite a while, until the child is in balance, with all around them, can look back and smile, and keep going farther and farther.

       “No matter how old that child grows to be, there will be times when they still look back and smile.  There might even be times when they run back to that tower of support they knew as a child.  This is something that happens every day on Earth.  You can see it on the playgrounds, you can see it in parks, you can see it on sidewalks.  It is an outward sign of how the children of God begin, clinging to that tower, that tower of power that comes from God alone, taking each little step away, and then hurrying back Home for support.

       “I ask you to spend some time today thinking about this.  Spend some time with God.  It might be wrapping your arms around that leg, that strong leg of God.  It might be taking a few steps away, and then reaching back for comfort and confidence.  It might be taking a step, then with courage, striding away, looking back, but moving forward.  You are only a smile away from God.  Look back.  You are only a step away from God.  Return.  God is real, God is love, and the Spirit of God is within you.  You are made in the image and likeness of God.  Do not forget these words.  Hold to these words.  See God standing as your Eternal Parent, and know God is just a smile away; looking back, you can gain confidence for the day ahead of you, by touching base with God.  Do not go-out into the day unprepared, and The Way of preparation is prayer.  That way, when you open the door, and go-off to work, you can look back, and see God standing there, sending you forth with a smile.  Be at peace this day, and see yourself as a child, going-out to play, one step at a time, one stride at a time.  Go-out and play, in The Garden that is Earth, today!”