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June 23, 2020



      In times of unrest, when turmoil flexes its muscles, disrupting all around you, do not think you are helpless and there is nothing you can do, because that is not true.  When unsteady times are with you, be still within you.  Be quiet.  Sit with Me, and I will guide thee to the truth with blessings of peace and grace, so that you might move through each day, loving those around you.  As you actively love those close to you, your family, your friends, this creation of love moves-out from your dwelling, from the place where you are.  The most productive thing you can do is be at peace within yourself and love those close to you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Times of strife and turmoil can impact you, in such a way, that your inner being is disturbed, twisted, anxious.  And the only way to relieve this tension, untie the knots of dissension, is through prayer, quietly connecting with God, calling Home Base for re-enforcements to move into you in a mighty way, and restore the peace that has been taken away.  Once you have restored peace to your inner being, open your arms, and love those close to you.