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June 23, 2021



      My strength, shall be your strength, whenever you ask.  My peace, shall be your peace, whenever you ask.  My wisdom, shall be your wisdom, whenever you ask.  My love, shall be your love, whenever you ask.  When you are weakened, by the burdens of the day, I shall be your strength.  When you are caught, in conflict, and chaos, I shall be your peace.  When you are ensnared, in doubt, and confusion, I shall be your wisdom.  And when you feel, anger, and hatred, from those around you, I shall be your love.  Ask and you will receive, for I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no need to struggle when that, which you need, is available to you.  It is there.  It is one of the promises of God, to the children of God.  Do not, deny it, or ignore it.  Do not turn your back on this precious gift, for it is yours.  It is there.  Ask, and receive, and you will feel The Love of God, flow into you.  And The Light of God will illuminate all you think, and say, and do, and you will be as one, and at peace.