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June 24, 2020



      The timing is not right to repair a frayed lamp cord when you are in the midst of an electrical fire.  The timing is not right to begin a lesson on the importance of “getting along with others,” when the schoolyard fight is already in progress.  The timing is not right to bring-up past wounds and injuries when there is a heated argument underway.  First, you must move to put-out the electrical fire, break-up the schoolyard fight, cease the argument, and restore peace.  The time, to repair, to mend, to break-up, to cease, comes before the outbreak.  And you might ask, “How do I know something will happen?  How do I know the things which I should check?”  And I say to you, be vigilant.  Just as you would check your house for frayed lamp cords, and such, check your relationships for frayed situations or emotions, things that have happened that have never been addressed, pushed under the rug, so to speak.  The time for mending the lamp cord, which is frayed, is before the electrical fire ensues. The time for teaching children about how to get along with others, is before the fights break-out.  And the time, for addressing past injuries, unresolved, unforgiven, is before the argument takes place.  Be vigilant, be watchful.  Forgive those things of the past that are bothering you, festering within you, growing larger within you.  The time to put out the fire is before the fire begins.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Make some time each day to sit alone, quietly, and pray, asking for guidance, being ready to follow The Way.  By doing this, you assure that you will not turn around one day, and find you are totally disconnected from The Creator.  Maintaining a connection with God, every day, is the surest way to stay connected.  You cannot become lost if you are holding the hand of God.  You cannot lose your way when The Holy Spirit is guiding you every day.  You cannot be riddled with doubt when you hear the whispers of Jesus, reminding you of who you are, and all that you can do.  Be vigilant.  Stay connected.  Watch-out for the frayed cords.  Renew the lessons you learned on the playgrounds within you.  And forgive the things of the past, so that you might walk into the new day, filled with promise, knowing your way is clear, because God is with you.