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June 25, 2020



      You will encounter days when the body, that was filled with energy, and song, and dance one day, is drained of that energy, the song is missing.  You feel depleted, in every way.  When this happens, My child, do not deny the depletion, the exhaustion, the missing song.  Sit quietly.  Rest.  Let your body rest.  Let your thoughts be still.  And in the quiet, and in the stillness, I will fill you, I will refuel you.  And soon, you will be singing, and dancing, and filled with energy again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you are upon the Earth energy can ebb and flow, as the ocean does.  A good way to keep it constant is to: rest; and eat well; and keep your thoughts on a high level; maintain your energy in a sacred way.  But sometimes, somedays, it will just happen that you feel low.  It is best to acknowledge how you feel and let go of any frustration, or judgment about “you should have done this, or that, or the other.”  Just sit quietly, take a nap, rest.  And this rest will be a restoration for you, if you will connect with God, and whisper, quietly, “I am tired, God.  What shall I do?”  And the answer will come, and soon you will be filled with energy, you will be renewed.