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June 25, 2021


      I wish for you to know the importance of sitting quietly, with Me, of being still, in the present moment.  Detach yourself from any people, places, or things, and sit with Me.  Do so in quiet, and then you will feel the connection between you and Me, and you will understand, that when you are connected, in such a way, all anxiety will melt away, because it is just you and Me, at that time.  The answers you seek, when you are anxious, or confused, will not be found in the words of others around you, or the things you have gathered around.  Anxiety will be relieved when you are connected, powerfully, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It cannot be repeated too many times, that you need to find a place, that is quiet, where you can be still.  Sometimes you are not aware of all that you carry, until you sit down, and find you are weary.  This anxiety, these feelings of anxiousness, are not necessary.  I AM within you.  Seek peace, within.  Close your ears to the ways of the world, and listen for My whisper, and it will come, and the answers you seek, will be pure, and fresh, designed to relieve your anxiety.  And once you are rested, and once you rise-up, you will be ready to continue, because you will know The Way, and you will walk in it.

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