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June 26, 2021


      I wish you to find joy, in your everyday life, upon Earth.  Make your work, work you enjoy, so that you might be happy, in the completion of it.  Be joyful in your work.  Play, fully, completely.  Without hesitation, play, and find joy, in the playing, and happiness will be yours.  Find joy in your song, your words, everything that comes from you.  Make them joyful, and you will be happy, and give others the gift of happiness, as well, that is held in your words.  Do not be tempted to thoughts lesser than joy, and happiness, for you can find joy, and happiness, in every lesson.  Therefore, be joyful, in the lessons, that you are called to face, the lessons that you must learn.  Be joyful, in the lessons of Earth, because the lessons are yours forever, and holding those lessons is holding wisdom, of your life upon Earth.  So, be joyful in the wisdom you have gained, as you live upon the Earth.  Today, open your heart to joy, and happiness, and they will be yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Some of you will say, “That is easy to say, be joyful, be happy, but you are not living my day.”  Some will say, “My day is filled with darkness, and shadow, and there is no joy to be found.”  But, who amongst you cannot feel a flutter of joy, when you look up, and see a bird flying, or you hear the song of a bird?  Who amongst you cannot feel a bit of joy, as the rising sun illuminates the dewdrops, on the grasses, and leaves, and makes each of them sparkle like gemstones?  There is joy around you, find it, and when you find it, it is yours.


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