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June 27, 2019

      There are many ways to address the issue of an approaching storm.  When the winds begin to howl, and the rains pour down all around, and upon, you, take the action that is appropriate for you.  You can choose to weather the storm, to sit or stand-in-place, and experience the wind and the rain and the thunder as it rolls, if this is appropriate for you to do.  You can draw from your confidence, support, and strength, and command the winds and the storm to cease, to be still, and it shall be done, if this is appropriate for you to do.  You can seek shelter by hurrying into your home, or another building close by, where you might be warm, and safe, and dry, if it is appropriate for you to do.  Each of you has a way to make it through the storm.  Choose wisely that which you do.

                                        And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you receive direction from God you will know The Way; and, for some of you The Way will be different.  It will be the same storm which enters you life, but you will have a different way to move through it, to address the strife it brings with it.  Therefore, do, and go, as you are guided; for, I AM with you, sent to you by God to bring you wisdom in all things, so that you might know The Way clearly; but, this is to know The Way clearly for you.  If you feel it is appropriate, and you are led to weather the storm, be firm in your resolve; but, do not try to stop the others from either calming the storm, or seeking shelter from the storm.  Each must do as they are guided to do; and, in each case, each choice is appropriate.  Listen, and I will guide each one of you to know exactly what you are to do.  This is the sacred mystery of My presence with you, within you.