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June 27, 2020


      When you long to know Me better, leave your houses, and buildings, and tents, and awnings, and go out to walk amongst the trees, through the grasses, next to the rivers and streams, because it is in these places that you will know Me.  Look up into the sky, see the blue.  Feel the sun, shining down on you, warming you.  Look up into the sky, even when the clouds promise the gift of rain.  And as it falls, I wash your face, and tears are gone, no longer remain.  Turn in a circle, and feel the breeze: wrapping you, moving you, touching you.  It fills you with life, the breath of life.  And as the breeze caresses you, it is easy to fall to your knees, and feel the Earth below you, as you lower your head, and I whisper, within you, “Child, I love you.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easier to know God in nature.  You can know God in a city, or a building of bricks, but it is easier to feel God, and know God better, when you are walking in God’s creation, when you look at wonder, when you look at majesty, when you see the waves of the ocean as they rise and fall, when you see the tops of the mountains touching the sky, and realize, wrapped in the love of God, that you are a piece of it all, God’s sacred creation.


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