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June 27, 2021



      Do not resist the call of The Wind, for it will lift you up, and carry you to places, that you could only see, in the arms of The Wind.  And held there, within The Wind, you will see, what is happening, with clarity, with vision.  And when The Wind is still, and all is at rest, you can look around, and know, that you have done your best, and all is as it should be, because you met your destiny, in the arms of The Wind.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I wait, until it is time, and you are ready.  And then I call to you to come, and see, what it is you are to see.  I will not show you that, which you are not ready to see, or take you, to a place, you are not ready to be.  So, be at peace.  In the stillness, you will know, when it is time.  I will call to you, and lift you up, and you and I will meet The Course Divine.