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June 27, 2021



      “I AM with you.  We travel together.  I AM constant.  Take My hand, and follow Me.  Let us go into this new day, together, confident, courageous, and sure. 

“There are times, for each of you, when you have doubts, or worries, or just do not know what to do.  Now, many seek the wisdom, and guidance, of others.  Some find it in books, or courses, or counseling.  But then, you are not quite sure, as you listen to what another person is telling you to do.  When you are seeking the opinion of others, you will receive many, because the answers, the opinions, will come from many.  It is important to remember, that the opinions, and answers, offered by others, are solutions which might have worked for them.  But this does not always mean, that the opinions, and answers, from others, will work for you.  The only way, you will always know, the best answer for you, and only you, is to take all your questions to God.  Sit with God, and be still, be quiet, and listen.  God will teach you, in fulfillment of the promise, that ‘they will all be taught by God.’

      “I brought the words of God to Earth.  I was, and AM, The Living Word of God.  Therefore, I taught The Ways of God.  I lived The Words of God, and did so, so that all could see, and know, The Ways of God, through Me.  Before it was My time, before I returned Home, I promised to send a Counselor for each one, so that The Ways of God would be with each of you, at all times.  Do not seek the opinion or answers from, others.  Seek the answers, from The Holy Spirit of God, The Wisdom of God will then shine through you, be held in the words you say, and all you do.  And The Counselor, The Holy Spirit is with you, today, present right now.  The Holy Spirit of God is within you.  The Wisdom of God is within you.  Seek it.  Seek solutions from within. 

      “Do not hesitate to speak to The Holy Spirit.  The Counselor will talk to you, and guide you, and lift you up, because The Holy Spirit was sent to show you, to teach you, to guide you, to be your Counselor, The Counselor, from The Kingdom of God, just for you.  And when you ask, there will not be many answers.  There will not be two, or a few.  There will one divine answer, just for you.  The Holy Spirit will show you what you need to see, tell you what you need to know, and take you where you need to go.  And it will be perfect.  It will be right.  It will be correct, whether day, or night, because it is the answer, specifically for you.  And while others, around you, might not understand, what you are about to do, or even what you say, they will learn, The Ways of God, when you say, ‘This is The Way, I am guided to go.  These are the words, I am guided to say.  There is no confusion, in me today.  Therefore, I rise-up, and walk The Way.’

      “Do not exchange The Wisdom of Heaven, for what others might think they know.  The answer to every question you might have will be found within, exactly where it has always been.  God is waiting, I AM waiting, The Holy Spirit is waiting, to show you The Way, so that you might walk in it, and live it, not occasionally, but every day, until you return Home.”

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