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June 28, 2019

      When another voices a different opinion, regarding the issues or matters at hand, be still, be quiet, and recognize their position, as well as your own, and let it be; for, once you hear the differing opinion you know how the other feels, regarding the topic of discussion.  There is no need to correct, or prod, or prompt, or debate the matter.  Peace comes when each one is allowed their perspective in stillness and in quiet, without vocalizing dissension.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you find you are living in a place where you are permitted to speak that which is on your mind, cherish the ability to do so, and speak your mind with kindness, as well as resolve, making a statement, and then letting it stand without argument.  If you acknowledge your right to speak, then it is important: to acknowledge another’s right to speak; to hold your tongue, and let them say what they feel they want to say without dissension, or confrontation.  By letting each statement stand on its own, acknowledging the right to speak it, you give freedom, you accept freedom, you acknowledge freedom.  A differing opinion does not require arguments, or anger, or hatred.  It is simply a different opinion.