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June 28, 2020



      “I AM with you.  And, when you close your eyes, it is easier to feel My presence with you, because with the act of closing your eyes, you close the door to the material world, and there we are, together as one.  Close your eyes, and you will feel Me.  Close your eyes, and you will know Me better.  Close your eyes, and you will see Me, as I AM with you.


      “Today, let us think about the gifts.  And today, I AM not going to focus on just the gifts of Heaven, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit of God.  Let us address the gifts of Earth, as well.  And let us address the gifts of the material world, also. 

      “If it is possible for you to do, within your mind, create three quadrants, like three people, standing shoulder to shoulder.  Separate them a bit, and now you have three areas, three distinct areas.  Now, take the people out of the picture, totally, and hold your vision on those three empty quadrants.  Now, in the first quadrant, yes, way over there to the left, fill it with all the material things you can imagine, at this time: cars, boats, coats, clothes, trinkets, gadgets, houses.  Fill it up.  Now, in the middle quadrant, envision whatever pieces and parts of nature you prefer.  Let them come to life in that middle quadrant: trees, and rivers, and meadows, or hills, or deserts, and seas, and oceans, whatever you will.  Fill that middle quadrant with nature, the gifts of Earth.  Now, that leaves the third quadrant for the gifts of Heaven.  You can see the cars.  You can see the trees.  But can you see the energy of love?  Right now, at this moment, I would like for you to fill that third quadrant with love, flood it with light, pack it with compassion, and understanding, forgiveness.  Fill it with all The Gifts of The Holy Spirit that come into your head; but, put those gifts to action.  If you are thinking of love, see acts of love.  If you are thinking of peace, see peace created between two or more people.  If you are thinking forgiveness, let the act be simple, outstretched hands.  So, you have three quadrants of value, three quadrants that you believe are worth something.

       “The only things, in each of these quadrants, all of these quadrants, that can be equally experienced, by every human being upon Earth, come from the middle quadrant, and the heavenly quadrant, let us call it, The Gifts of Heaven, the unseen.  Every person, upon the Earth, cannot equally have the same car.  Every person, upon Earth, cannot share in what is created in the material world.  Isn’t that interesting (that) it is designed that way?  I believe, on Earth, it might be referred to as ‘those who have, and those who have not.’  And, your status, in the world created by man, in the material world, comes from how much you have, how much you have cost you to purchase, how shiny the baubles.  But this is not equal in any way, because it was never designed to be so. 

      “God created the Earth, and Mother Earth gives forth trees, and grasses, and flowers, and seeds which can be replanted, and replanted to sustain those of Earth.  These gifts, these natural gifts upon Earth are equal to everyone.  The rich and the poor can stand under the tree.  The rich and the poor can wade into the sea.  The rich and the poor can breathe-in the aroma of a flower.  It is for all because it comes from God, who loves all, in equal measure. 

      “And the heavenly quadrant, look at it and see.  Everyone of these gifts, love, compassion, understanding, all of these gifts that create peace, and kindness (they) are not determined by how much money you have.  The rich and the poor can know love equally, forgiveness equally, kindness equally.  These are the things of true value, these are the things of eternal value, because your first quadrant is going to crumble.  It does not take imagination, or much of it, to: envision the clothing, you stacked in the first quadrant, see it falling apart, moth-ridden; see the cars rusting; the houses falling into disrepair; see those who have not take the shiny baubles from those who have; see the frustration, and chaos, and confusion, created in the world, where it is not possible for everyone to experience the car, the house, the dress, the toys. 

      “So, I ask you, why do you struggle so to store-up these things, which have no eternal value, and seem to divide rather than unify?  Look at your quadrants during this day, because those things of value, those places where all can live in the love, and light, of God, in equal measure, in those places, you find peace, and happiness, and joy.  There is nothing wrong with the car.  But if you are filled with love, and peace, and joy, generosity, and kindness, then these things that you are creating within, these things of eternal value, will somehow enhance the car.  But the car will never enhance forgiveness, or compassion, or understanding.  Make straight your perspective on that which is of value.”


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