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June 28, 2021



      Let all worries, cares, and concerns slip from you.  And do it with such an intention that you feel the worries, cares, and concerns, moving away from you, carried like a leaf in a river, moving away, so that you can begin your day, without being held in place.  Do not wear the cloud.  Do not wear the shroud.  Do not be enfolded, in concerns, and worries.  When you sit, quietly, with Me, you feel you know the answer.  And, as you sit longer, with this answer, it becomes stronger, and clearer, and you begin to know exactly what you are to do.  Do not give-up your answer, because you are fearful of what you are being asked to do.  Do not deprive yourself of the peace that comes with doing, that which you are meant to do.  I AM with you, and you are not doing it alone.  We are doing it together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Most often, it is the case, that all situations, and matters, that seem unsolvable, are completely solvable.  But the one, who is given The Way, to resolve the issue, must stand in The Light of God, and speak The Wisdom of God.  I will guide you.  When there is resolution needed, you have the answer within.  Do not be concerned about what others might think, or say, or do, in reaction to the delivered message, coming from you.  Stand-up, and say, what I AM asking you to say.  And, when it is done, you will wonder, why there was hesitation at all.  Your shoulders will relax.  Your thoughts will be free.  And you will have ridded yourself of all the debris of the concerns, and the worries, and the cares.  Speak the truth, as you are given it, and all things will be resolved.