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June 29, 2019

      At the present time upon Earth, there are many individuals, crying-out: for change; to make the world a better place.  This is happening on the local and the global level, as well.  Some of the voices, crying-out for change for the better, are filled with anger, retaliation, revenge.  At the same time there are those who are crying-out for a change for the better by first changing themselves from within for the better, and then going about this noble mission in a quiet way, making changes locally, globally by loving one another, and being kind to all creation.  The change that is made will carry the energy of its conception.  Make sure the change you make is filled with light, and love, and peace for all inhabitants of Earth.

                                                        And The Holy Spirit says:

      When it is time for a change, be sure you are prepared for the change from within.  It is difficult to make something better when you are filled with anger, or hatred, or a desire for retaliation or revenge.  Remember, whatever cause is yours, make sure the change being made is conceived in love, and light, with a desire for peace and freedom for all.