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June 29, 2021



      When the days, the long, sweet days, are with you, when butterflies are floating, and flowers are blooming, and the evening air carries the fragrance of sweet flowers and vines, do not keep your head down, toiling with tasks, and chores.  Lift your head up, and look.  Look at the divine, all around you.  Do not miss it, because of the work you think you need to do.  Be amazed by it because, it is the life you need to live.  Wonders are all around you.  The floating butterfly often resembles a floating flower.  And often, the blooming flowers, are so radiant, that they are a clear sign, to you, of life, of renewal, rejuvenation.  It is all around you.  Do not ignore it.  Open your eyes, and look, and see the beauty of all eternity is with you, now.  Be as a child in wonder, and delight.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The long days of summer hold delight.  It is a feast for the eyes, for the nose.  And, even where the vegetables grow, it is a feast of tasting, all that you grow.  The days of summer are rich and full.  And the nights of summer are filled with stars, and lightening bugs, and the fragrance of the honeysuckle, and the roses.  Pay attention to the wonders around you, and do not get lost in work, or frustration, or misery.  Lift your eyes, and look, and see.