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June 3, 2019

Know The Ways of Wisdom.  You can learn The Ways of Wisdom
from The Holy Spirit within you, for this is why The Holy Spirit
was sent unto you, so that you would know The Way.  Whenever
you are confused, or hurt, or angry do not run around, asking
everyone questions about what you should do.  First, be still,
be quiet, go within to The Source of The Wisdom I have sent
to you.  Ask The Holy Spirit for guidance, to show you The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

I was sent from God to reside with you and within you, to
bring you wisdom, so that you could know The Way, so that
you are not alone, lost, or afraid.  Ask, and I will show you
The Way, for that is the purpose; and, with your asking,
fulfillment of this purpose is complete.  There is no need
for you to wander in despair or confusion, for I AM there,
sent from God to show you The Way.