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June 3, 2021



      If your house is on fire, you do not go about your daily chores.  If a mighty storm is upon you, you do not go out to plant a garden.  If you are weakened by stress or illness, you do not attempt to run a marathon.  These things are easy to see.  But what about the unseen fires, storms, stresses, and illnesses, that brew within you, that ravage your inner being?  These are just as real, and cause just as much damage, as the destructive forces, which are experienced in the physical world.  When spiritual storms, and inner battles, besiege you, be still, and breathe.  Be quiet, and whisper My name, and together we will put out the fires, weather the storms, and heal all illnesses, which plague you.  We will do this, as we sit in My calm, unwavering peace, My eternal peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are more of the spiritual than you are the physical.  The spirit, that is you, will live forever.  The physical body will eventually fall from you, as a worn-out, tattered garment.  The spirit, which is the eternal you, animates, brings life to, the physical body, with which you identify so easily.  No matter what is ailing, or troubling, you, physically, it can be resolved within the eternal spirit, that is you.  Your physical body is the home, in which your spirit dwells, temporarily.  But there will come the day, when it is time for the eternal you, the spirit that is you, to return Home, and on that day, the physical body will crumble, as your spiritual body is released, to continue your eternal life, living forever, in The Light, and The Glory of God.  Do not focus so much on the temporary, when you are an eternal being.  You carry eternity, within your physical body.  You have the opportunity to experience the spiritual and the physical, at the same time.  Let the wisdom of the spirit, that is you, be revealed in all you think, and say, and do.