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June 30, 2019

      “I AM with you; and, the beauty of our relationship, as it is now, is that I AM always with you, we can always talk, you can always ask, and I will always answer.  Relationships are different when one is in spirit and one is experiencing the physical reality of Earth; there is a closer union, because there is no distance, there is no argument, there is no anger, there is the eternal presence of peace; and, in that eternal presence of peace, you know I AM with you.                           


       “It is not unusual for those who are living upon the Earth to forget why they are upon the Earth.  Their sacred mission gets jumbled-up with the things of everyday life upon Earth; and, when things begin to get jumbled-up, there can be chaos and confusion; and, all of this is a great distraction from the value of your mission, oftentimes from your worth, from your value; and, it seems you get farther and farther away from The Light, drifting, sometimes lost, sometimes afraid, sometimes confused. 

      “During your lifetime upon Earth you will encounter many challenges.  I would like for you to begin looking at every challenge you face as a lesson, a valuable lesson, on how to move through your life in a more peaceful way.  Most often, you will find the challenges are not fun, are not easy; and, without persistence and intention to use these challenges as a lesson, the temptation will be to throw your hands up, and cry-out in anger, or frustration, or condemnation of any individual you can blame for your situation; and, things begin to twist and turn, and anger takes hold of your heart, and you wonder, deep inside, why all of these hurtful, hateful things keep happening to you, one after another.  Sometimes you find no one understands what you are going through, no one will take the time to listen to you.  It seems no one really cares what you think, or say, or do; and, this attitude continues to spiral downward.  All of this can be avoided.  All of this tangled web is unnecessary, when you look at a challenge as a lesson.  I must insert here that many of you know this, you talk about it, you say it; but, when it is happening to you, you do not respond as if you know it, you do not take the challenge as a lesson and move through it, without becoming angry or disgruntled, or frustrated.  If you are facing a challenge, do not question the challenge, do not even ask where it came from.  Look at it as a puzzle.  How should it unfold?  One step at a time.  It is something you need to learn.  That is one of the reasons you are upon the Earth, to know what energy you are to use, to understand the challenge, and dismiss it, as every challenge which comes to you will dissolve in your presence when you know what to do.

      “I give you this example.  Now, if you are a parent, or if you are a teacher, or if you come in contact with children, for any reason whatsoever, to teach them a way to do something, you will find that when the lesson, when something new, is a bit challenging, or difficult to do, the child will sometimes resist, grow angry, fall on the ground and kick and scream, say ‘no,’ and run away.  The example of learning how to put on clothing, put on shoes, count, spell, understand a theory in mathematics, or write a paper on ‘what I did last summer,’ choose any challenge, and then see the resistance of the child; but, with the persistence and loving guidance of a good teacher, the child is drawn into each situation, until the challenge dissolves, and the child can successfully put on clothing, put on shoes, they can count, they can spell, the theory is understood, the paper is written and posted on the refrigerator door, or on the wall.  The accomplishment is the reward.  The accomplishment, and persistence in following through with the challenge, dealing with it as a lesson, brings value, brings understanding, brings growth, and brings freedom from a challenge, which left unattended, would always be there to bring one down.

      “As an adult you face challenges, and it is easy to be frustrated, or to blame others, or to be angry; but, see it as a lesson you must learn, see it as a lesson which will free you from the energies of frustration, anger, sometimes retaliation.  Be happy that you have faced the challenge, and that you are successful in this process, and you will be free, and you will know what to do; and, because you faced the challenge you can share this guidance with others, so they too might know The Way to peace, and love, and freedom from all that did challenge them as they walked upon the Earth.”