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June 30, 2020



      You hold the key.  Every answer to any situation, issue, or matter, is within you.  For, I was asked, and then did send, My Holy Spirit to descend upon you, to move into you, to live through you, so that you might turn your back on the answers of the world, and choose, of your own free will, to meet every situation using The Gifts, or one of the many Fruits of The Gifts, of The Holy Spirit, because there is a heavenly answer to every situation in the world today.  When you look at The Gifts, and The Fruits of The Gifts, they are many.  But you will not find The Fruits, or The Gifts, with the names such as: hatred, anger, retaliation, blame, or greed.  These are not The Gifts that I sent unto you.  Therefore, turn away from darkness and shadow, and choose The Gifts within you.  Use them well and use them long.  They will serve you well and they will serve you long.  You have the answers.  Now use The Gifts you have been given, so that you might know peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The reason that there is war upon the Earth, and it does not end, it continues to come, in a circle, repeating, over and over: hatred, retaliation, anger, blame.  It is repeated: hatred, retaliation, anger, blame.  And then, these explode into war.  And this explosion, and this war, might be limited to two people, or three people, or states, or countries, or it might impact the entire world.  But it never matters who wins the war of hatred, retaliation, anger, and blame.  These things do not disappear unless they are met with love, peace, compassion, and understanding.  You cannot dictate peace.  You cannot command kindness.  You cannot demand love.  These things come from the heart and are gifts of the heart.  Using The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, using The Gifts that I carry within you, you will find peace in the midst of chaos and confusion, because that is where I will guide you.