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June 4, 2020



      One of the most difficult challenges you will face is learning not to judge.  If you do not attempt to understand the teaching “do not judge,” then you will never realize how it is ingrained within you, that judging of others and yourself.  You have not been given authority to judge.  And while you are in human body form, you cannot judge wisely.  You do not judge with wisdom, because you do not know all things, you do not see all things.  You only see from your perspective, you only know from that which you know, and there is much you do not know.  When you reach the point of wisdom necessary to judge fairly, you realize, then and there, that there should be no judgment at all.  Where there is love there is no need to cast the curse of judgment on another, or yourself.  It will not come easy, this learning not to judge, but it is worth the journey.  You will start and stop again, and start and stop again, because it will be demanding.  But every step you take, through the lessons of judging, will be as a badge of learning.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will find it quite easy, almost comfortably so, to see someone doing something “inappropriate,” and then permitting your thoughts to think, “how foolish,” “how stupid,” “how ignorant,” “how mean.”  When you are walking passed, or driving passed, a group of people, there is often a temptation to look-over and see: the one who might be “too heavy;” the one who might be dressed in a “gaudy fashion;” the one who might be… and you can take that on, and on, and on.  The first step, to understanding what you have been told in The Scriptures about judging, is to curb the appetite to judge by practicing a “blessing” in the place of judging, and move through your day.  You will be surprised that even this takes much attention and intention.  But with practice, you will spend the days of your life blessing rather than cursing with judgment.