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June 4, 2021



      The good parent does not demand, that the child do something, which they are not prepared to do, which they are not ready to do; but the good parent does, encourage, and support, the next step forward.  The good parent encourages: the toddler to take just one more step; the child to trust they can ride the bicycle, without training wheels; the adult child to have confidence that their project will be a success, as long as they continue, applying their attention, to the task.  I love My children, upon Earth.  Therefore, I encourage each of you today to take one more step along The Way, to have confidence that, even if you stumble, I will catch you, and you will rise-up, and the lesson will be held within you.  I encourage you to go a bit farther than you have before, so that confidence, strength, and courage will be yours forevermore.  I AM your Eternal Parent, and I wrap you in My love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be dismayed, when projects appear difficult, when the task, you are asked to complete, is challenging.  Do not give-up, for I AM within you, guiding you.  And, as long as you are connected with Me: My Spirit will whisper, and you will know The Way; My Spirit will rise-up, within you, and you will see, that which you could not see, before.  When it is dark, all around you, My Spirit will rise-up, and light The Way, from within you.