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June 5, 2019

Fight the temptation to be disappointed when things do not work-
out the way you planned them to work-out.  Find peace in knowing
that the threads of all things will be woven together just as they
are meant to be woven, if you but stand still, and watch, and believe
and see.

And The Holy Spirit says:

While you are in human being form there is great temptation to
believe that you must make things work as you think they should
work.  Resist this temptation.  Listen to your guidance, then go,
move as you are meant to move.  Do what you are meant to do,
and you will be the needle, pulling the threads through The Great
Tapestry, and all will be blessed, and all will be perfect, because
you did as you were meant to do, you listened when you were
meant to listen, you rose-up when you were meant to rise-up,
and you held The Word of God within you, following it every
day.  Be at peace and do not be worried about the things of the