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June 5, 2020



      You have all of My Wisdom within you, for My Spirit is within you.  My Holy Spirit is meant to be your Counselor, The One who will show you The Way.  It is designed to be that you are not left alone: wondering what to do; wandering from place to place.  Sit quietly, and ask for guidance, and you will receive the counsel of The Holy Spirit from within you.  And the answer you receive will not be temporary, or fleeting in use, but will be Eternal Wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In today’s society, upon the Earth, you see many people using devices of all kinds, devices they hold in their hands, or prop on their laps, or that sit stationary on desks and tables.  These devices provide information.  You read opinions.  You listen to editorials.  You watch programs, telling you what other people think you should think about many things.  Today, try going to The Source of The Wisdom of God, and there ask your questions, and then treasure the answer you receive from The Counselor within you, for I AM there within you.  I was sent so you would not wonder or wander into darkness and shadow.  Visit Me today, and I will show you The Way of Heaven.