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June 5, 2021


      When you find yourself unsettled, or confused, in any way, understand, that it is because your spirit, and your physical body, are not in balance.  They are not aligned.  And, if you will be quiet, you will understand the reason, that you are unsettled, that you are confused.  The spirit, that is you, came from Me – Love.  Your spirit can hear My words, all the time.  And, to make sure this is the case, The Holy Spirit is within you.  So, that part is settled, the spiritual part is at peace, because The Holy Spirit is within you.  Yet, there is still chaos, and confusion, because every day, you are given, a set of facts, and figures; and they are often touted, as the truth; and you believe, the facts, and figures, you have been given.  And then, weeks, or months, later, you are given another set of facts, and figures, that are touted as the truth, dismissing the facts, and figures, of a month before.  You are fed this constant information, creating uncertainty, within you.  And no matter how they have been, tried, and tested, there is still the possibility that two days later, the facts, and figures, will change, because each is a step, in a certain direction; and not even the wisest amongst you, can say what the step will be, forty, or fifty, trial, and error, periods, down the line.  The only way the most brilliant scientist, or someone seeking truth, can arrive at the truth, is to take each step, one step at a time, slowly led, in a direction.  The Holy Spirit, within you, sees, forty, or fifty, or four thousand, or fifty thousand, trial, and error, periods, into the future, because The Holy Spirit has infinite wisdom, The Wisdom of Heaven.  Relying, on this gift, within you, you are not changing, facts, and figures, every day, to fit the newest lesson.  You are confident, sure, and calm, and at peace, because you know The Way to go.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you ask: I will tell you The Way; I will show you The Way; I will set The Way before you, and encourage you, to walk into it.  But I will not confuse you, I will guide you.  My light will show you The Way, and it will not be constantly changing, facts, and figures, to suit the opinion, of the world around you.  I will give you, eternal truth, The Wisdom of Heaven.  And in the giving, it shall be yours.