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June 6, 2021



      Be mindful, that you do not accept the praise for success, but are willing to blame others for failures.  Success, and that which you deem failure, comes from choices, made by you.  Even when you believe that others have an impact, on the outcome of the choices, it is still important to acknowledge your choice in the end result.  It is good to dance, and sing, in the joyous times, in times of celebration of success.  It is right to do this.  Be joyful about all you have accomplished.  But be mindful, not to push, what you deem to be failure, into a corner, under a rug, so others might not see, or know of it.  Take the lessons, that you learn, in the times of challenge, and keep them with you.  In every situation, which you believed, you failed, or fell, or was less than what you thought you would be, there are strong lessons.  Write them down.  If you begin to write the lessons, of what you deemed to be failures, in your life, you will soon end up with a Book of Wisdom, on the ways of life, upon Earth.  And these wisdoms will not come from others telling you what to do, or not to do.  They will not come from books of study, saying do it this way, or that way.  They will be specifically designed, so that you will know The Way, because of the choice you made, and the end result.  These are valuable lessons.  And they are just as worthwhile as the times, that are good, and joyous, because the lessons come from the hard-knocks, and the challenging times, the days of trial.  So, remember this, it is important.  Create your own handbook, on maneuvering the ways of the world.  It will be your Book of Wisdom.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Wisdom comes from practice, from knowing, through experience, the outcome of choices made.  And this knowledge, this knowing, leads to a life where you see, ahead of time, and rely on the lessons, you have learned, during your lifetime.  Value them.  Treasure them.  Lift them up.  Point to them, because they are the seeds of your wisdom.