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June 6, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out, so that you might take My hand.  Today, I reach-out, and whisper, ‘Take My hand.  Let us walk in the garden.  Let us talk in the garden.  Let us sing, and dance, in the garden of Earth, and know every experience, and its worth.’  I reach-out My hand, and say, ‘Come. follow Me.’        


      “The Gift of Free Will comes from The Creator, as an ultimate gift, giving you the authority to continue your creation, to continue, by making choices, about the things you wish to say, and do, the clothing you wear, the friends you have.  Yes, God created you, but with the gifting of Free Will, you get to wrap the gift of you, your creation.  You tie the bows.  You decorate the box.  You complete the creation, by showing who you are, by using your Free Will.  It is a powerful gift.  But to fully embrace this powerful gift, to fully understand the greatness of this powerful gift, you must be willing to acknowledge, that the things that occur in your life, are by your choice.  And when you can make that step, when you can say those words, ‘I chose this,’ then the door to wisdom is unlocked, and you find it in all choices you make: the ones that have an end result, which you like; and, the ones that have an end result, which you would prefer not to experience, at all.  Yet, within this time of frustration, the times you often do not want to see, you find illumination, and clear sight, and you move on, enlightened, illuminated by the wisdom of the lesson.

      “Now, when a young person is driving a car, they follow the direction: in a pamphlet; or a book; or a video; or perhaps a figure of authority, such as a teacher, or a parent.  So, they are told do not do this, and do not do that.  And it goes okay, but they do not pay attention, as much as if it was learned by experience.  You can say, to the young driver: ‘Keep your eyes on the road.’  ‘Focus on what is happening around you.’  ‘Be careful and pay attention.’  You can say all these things.  But then, something falls from the seat, onto the floor.  They are distracted, reach for the object, and the car veers off the road, bumping into a side rail, or a tree, causing little damage, but bringing a new lesson.  Because now, the young driver knows, what will happen, if you lose your focus.

      “You can apply that lesson to any situation.  When you lose focus, all things unravel.  If you focus on good, good will happen.  If you focus, on what you believe to be bad, then that is what happens.  Focus on what you are doing, at the present time, because the present time, is the present piece of eternity.  And you have The Gift of Free Will to help you get from place to place, from step to step.

      “In a classroom, filled with children, about the age of four or five, the kindergarten teacher passes out coloring books.  And there is a big box of crayons, at the center of each table.  Now, the children can choose, which colors they wish to use.  But some find it difficult, to stay within the defined lines of the coloring book.  And, the teacher, who is kind and loving, notices this, and brings out some papers, and gives them to the children, who seem lost, trying to stay in the lines, and they are called, connect-a-dot, go from one place to another, to another, creating a picture, by choosing, which way to go.  And this seems to suit those children.  And then, the loving teacher looks, and sees that, while some cannot stay within the lines of the coloring book, still some cannot make the movement, or make the choice, from one step to the next.  And the wise teacher gives those children, a blank page.  And they begin to create their own lines, their own limitations, their own boundaries, from the choices they make.  No matter which child you might associate with, when the children go home, after school, and show the parents the work they did, during the time of coloring the pages, each work, each piece of art, is proudly put on the refrigerator.  It is displayed, for all to see.  It does not matter whether it was: a beautifully colored pictured, all within the lines; or, step by step movement, the child made through choices, and then colored with fascinating choices of reds, and blues, and yellows, and greens; or, the page, on which the child created their own masterpiece, usually stick people, under a tree, by a house.  It does not matter, to the parent, what it is.  It is the work their child did, using their choices, and it is displayed.

      “God displays, the work you do, and hangs it, in a place of honor.”