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June 7, 2019

Every day you will encounter temptations, temptations which
attempt to lead you out of The Light.  Stand directly in My Light,
focus on My Light.  If you are tempted to be angry, do not give-in,
for this temptation to anger will move you from the center of
The Light.  Anger is ego driven, reject it out right.  If you are
tempted to be frustrated, or to feel guilt, or shame, or that you
are not worthy to whisper My name, reject these temptations;
for, they are attempting to lead you away from the center of My
Light.  When you are held in My light, it is impossible for you to
be in darkness or shadow.  If you find yourself in darkness or shadow,
the center of My Light is only a decision away, a choice away.

And The Holy Spirit says:

Stand in The Light of God’s Love; and, if you find you have been
tempted to stray, or move slightly this way or that with temptations
into anger or frustration, or worry, or doubt, do not give-in.  Move
quickly back to the center of The Light by choosing The Light.  The
center of God’s Light is always close to you.  It is a decision away.
Do not give-up.  Do not give-in.  Let it be your decision to stay… in
The Light, within… The Glory of God.