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June 7, 2020


      I wish for you to know that your time upon the Earth is a piece of your eternal life, and your time upon the Earth will be filled with love and an eager anticipation of what is to come rather than strife, if you see it as such.  Close your eyes.  See a golden cord in a circle, and pick a section of that cord, any place around that cord, and mark it as a section.  There you are.  That is where you are in the eternal circle of life.  When you begin to see your adventure upon the Earth as a piece of eternity, then your response will be just that.  You will respond to what happens, or comes to you, rather than react to what happens, or comes to you.  This is your opportunity to shine, My child, shine with The Light I share with you, and bless all that you do.  Do not see what happens to you as a curse, but as an opportunity to bring great wisdom back into the circle of life.  Let what you do today, let how you respond today, illuminate The Way for others.  You are, right now, living your eternal life.  Let what you say and do reflect this.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      While you are upon the Earth it is easy to feel detached, disconnected, away from God and all that is your Eternal Home.  Do not let those feelings overwhelm you.  When you feel detached, or disconnected, or far away from Home, it is a sign that you need to reconnect, call Home.  Call Home so that you can feel the love flowing all through you, that is there, but it is covered-up with sadness and despair, with a longing, that you cannot find anywhere, that you cannot fulfill anywhere.  Today, connect with Home.  Give God a call.  As I AM within you, I AM guiding you.  You will not be lost.  You will not slip away to a distance where I cannot bring you Home.