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June 7, 2020



      “I AM with you.  It is beautiful that I AM with you.  I shared, with those around Me, I AM with you.  I come to you, especially when you are in need.  I AM not knocking on the door of your residence.  I AM whispering from within, so that you might know of My Presence with you.                     


     “Today, spend some time, seeking wisdom and understanding of eternal life, because if you are living now, you have eternal life.  And this piece of your lifetime happens to be, being spent as a human being, walking upon the Earth, an important ambassador from Heaven, upon the Earth, to make a difference, to begin restoring Earth to The Garden it is intended to be.

      “You know, when you have a good friend, and I AM not speaking of acquaintance, I AM speaking friendship, when you have a good friend it is a way for you to live life more fully, to share your inner thoughts, to share how you feel about something, and know that those inner thoughts, those shared feelings, will be held in friendship.  And so, such a relationship is to be treasured and cherished.  But sometimes, what happens is: you receive a promotion at work, and you are assigned to another city; or, your friend receives a promotion, and is assigned to another city.  And you say, ‘good-bye,’ as one of you leaves and the other remains.  Now, this closely knit friendship can be frayed and unraveled, if you do not stay connected, if you do not write, if you do not call, if you do not visit.  That is simply put, but each of you can understand My words.  If you do not maintain a relationship, it often fades away, becoming a memory, and you will realize you must put an effort into keeping that connection.

      “I AM saying these things to you because I would like for you to use this example, with your relationship with God.  I AM free to share with you that as I walked upon the Earth, I took Myself aside, so many times, during the day, during every day: go in a room and close a door; or, climb a hillside and stand in The Wind.  But wherever I went it was to reconnect again, so I could feel The Power of God within Me, so the confidence would remain within Me, so wisdom would flow through Me.  And this was important.

      “Use My example.  Do not become so disconnected from your Creator that it is difficult to pick-up the phone and call Home, that ultimately you find it not necessary to write a letter Home, because the longer you stay disconnected, apart, the more difficult it is to return to that space of love in your heart.  Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, right now, can relate to what I was saying, because you have either had a friend, or you have been the friend, who had to move.  And there might be a relationship in your life that remained strong and was the source of courage and confidence for you, during difficult times.  You also might have lost a close friendship, because of the disconnect.  And there are times when you remember that close friendship and wish it had not been so frayed.  The only thing breaking it was the disconnection.  Pick-up the phone, call the friend.  Pick-up a pen and write a friend.  Use your device to contact the friend. 

      “Put God back into the relationship again.  Call Home.  Step aside, for a while, and whisper the name of God.  Be filled with The Power of God, so you can walk out into the world with courage and confidence, and lead the rest of your life upon the Earth with boldness and an eagerness for everything that comes to you, because you have everything within you to respond to earthly events in a heavenly way.  Be at peace.  Be still.  Reconnect.  Call Home.”



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