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June 7, 2021



      It is not for you to decide how things are to be.  What is for you to decide is how things are to be within thee.  Your life upon Earth is meant to be glorious.  But to travel the Earth, in joy, and peace, it is necessary for you to free yourself, from the chains, baggage, and debris, which make each step forward a struggle.  When you want to clean your house, including closets, and drawers, you start with the decision to do so.  The closets and drawers are emptied, sorted into stacks: what to throw away, what to give away, what to keep.  When the clutter is gone, the final step is to dust, sweep, mop, and clean, until, at last, your home is brighter, lighter, a joy in which to live.  Today, decide to clean the temple within you.  Sort the clutter within your sacred vessel, ridding yourself of the debris, by forgiving all things, all people, and yourself, moving through the years, with intention and purpose, emptying inner closets and drawers, until all that remains is precious.  Dust, and clean, and mop your inner corridors by casting from you all unclean spirits, including: fear, and doubt, worry, and concern, hatred, and anger, greed, envy, animosity, guilt, shame, and regret.  As you rid yourself of darkness and shadow, your inner chamber is no longer dim, nor dark.  It is brighter, lighter, a joy in which to live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is time to set down the burdens of the past, and soar into a new day.