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June 8, 2020



      Look up into the sky.  There you find the sun, shining brightly.  But you do not have to look up into the sky to see the sun, to feel the warmth that comes from the power of the sun.  Look up in the sky and see the clouds rolling, gathering, growing darker and darker.  But you do not have to see the gathering clouds, to feel the thunder rumbling and roaring, or to look up and see the lightning bolt that strikes and marks the sky as an exclamation point to the rolling thunder.  You hear these things, you feel these things, because they are powerful.  They do not stay at the source of the power.  That which comes from them moves out and touches many, covering countries and continents.  My child, within your mantle of humanity is My Spirit, and it is powerful.  As you move amongst your brothers and sisters you can walk as the sun, warming all around you with your love, or you can walk as thunder and lightning, shaking those around you.  You are as powerful as the sun.  You are as powerful as the thunder and lightning.  How will your powerful presence impact those around you today?  Only you can make that choice.  Only you can choose The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most of the time it appears that those who are human, for a while, forget the power that is theirs, forget the majesty carried within the mantle of the body, the human body.  There is so much going on around you, distracting you, that you are drawn away from the majesty of that which is going on within you.  Your words and your deeds are powerful and impact many.  Your words and your deeds do not stay in-place.  They move from you, carried by those who hear you, or who encounter you.  They are transferred from person, to person, to person.  See yourself as the sun in the sky, shining brightly, providing warmth for all who will stand in the light.


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