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June 9, 2019


                                         Pentecost Sunday


      A good parent tells the child, as they prepare to leave home, and
go-out on their own, “I love you, and I am always here for you.
Call me, and I will be even nearer to you.  Ask of me, and it shall
be given unto you.”  I AM your Eternal Parent.  I tell you I love
you, as you set-out on your journey upon Earth.  I also say unto
you, I AM here for you; ask, and it shall be given unto you; and
even for those who do not have the words to whisper, I hear
their prayer that is written upon their heart, and send them
courage, and strength, and signs to show The Way!

      And The Holy Spirit says:

      I have been sent to abide with you and within you, so that
you will always have the answers with you, within you.  Be
at peace, and do not forget the treasure you carry within!
You cannot be lost when The Golden Compass is within you.
Hear Me.  I will whisper, and you will know The Way!