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June 9, 2020



      In general, you would not pick-up an unwrapped piece of candy, lying on a sidewalk, and eat it, or offer it to your child.  You would not pick-up a half-eaten apple, sitting on a park bench, and eat it.  On going into a grocery store, you would not continue drinking from a bottle of juice, left in your basket, as you purchased groceries.  And as you shopped, you would not choose bruised or old fruits or vegetables.  You would be searching, looking for the freshest and the best you could bring home to feed your family, your friends, and yourself.  These things are done so that you might be in good health, so that they contribute to, rather than take away from, your good health.  Today, consider your thoughts just as carefully.  The thoughts are unseen, but they can make you sick, or bring-in diseases, such as anger, and fear, and doubt.  If you feed thoughts, that are shadowy or in darkness, they will grow, and multiply.  Your spiritual body, the spirit that is within you, the spirit that is you, needs to be carefully checked.  There is so much you do to maintain your physical body.  Today, begin to maintain your spiritual body, in the same way, with the same vigilance and care.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not give safe harbor to thoughts of anger, or frustration.  Do not become irritated with another person without checking it, and washing yourself, and freeing yourself from these thoughts, these types of thoughts.  They will make you sick.  They will diminish The Light.  Be mindful of what you are feeding your thoughts.  If you will take the time to be careful: (and) choose The Light; choose the gifts you have been given.  And when you choose to feed your thoughts, with all the glorious creations of God, you will be healthy and happy, spiritually and physically, because it will be from the inside that you grow in health, that you gain confidence, that you go out into the world and boldly proclaim The Presence of God, not with words, but with the deeds you do.  Feed your thoughts with Light today.