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March 1, 2020




      I have sent unto you The Word, but, My child, I know, words are subject to interpretation.  So, I sent you an Example, The Living Word, so you could see how The Word looked, living and walking upon the Earth.  But, My child, I know that when someone else is doing something, their actions, their words, are subject to believing: you cannot do it, but they can do it; they are special; they are unique.  And so, I sent unto you My Holy Spirit to dwell within you, so there is no mistaking The Whisper within you.  But, My child, I know, the temptations and the distractions of the world can turn your head from within, until you no longer hear The Whisper, but are caught-up in the den, and a cacophony of sounds, and songs, and voices.  So, I come to you with encouragement to listen, to be still, and to know, I AM with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Hear Me all beings of Earth, I AM within you.  And, while it might be difficult to understand the uniqueness of you, it is true.  You are uniquely a piece of The One, and I AM within you to guide you, so that what you are destined to do shall be done, but done for The Glory of God.