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March 1, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I come to you.  I seek you.  I reach-out for you.  I AM with you so that you might have courage and strength to continue along the path, to know The Way, for The Way can be challenging, unless you accept My presence with you; and then, we shall walk, and talk, and laugh, and sing, all along The Way.


      “My brothers and sisters, I wish to turn your thoughts inward today.  The words I speak to you are intended to compel you to go inward today, because that is where you find truth, eternal truth, unchanging, unwavering, truth.  And, one of the most interesting aspects of this journey within is that the truth you find is uniquely for you, for God knows all of your past.  And, God has created a plan, a Divine Plan, that is perfect for you, and all the lessons of your past.  All these things carried within you have been building-up to this time, your time upon the stage, your walk upon the Earth, your challenge, your story, your glory.  So, do not look around and hang your head in shame for what you have done in the past, or thought in the past, or said in the past.  Do not hang your head in shame for what you are doing now.  It is part of the lesson that you are to carry into tomorrow with you, so that you know clearly, and fully, and completely, without hesitation, that all you have encountered, in your walk upon the Earth, was there for a reason, for a purpose. 

      “Everything which has happened to you, everything which has come to you, everything that you chose to do, can be turned into a glorious lesson, which will assist you in following through; but, you must be prepared to go, and see, and acknowledge these challenges, these temptations.  And once you see, and once you know, and accept the truth, ah, then you can rise-up.  From the seeing and the knowing comes the blessing and forgiving.  And, from the darkest place you carry a lesson of great value.  These are your pearls, these things that you have seen, and done, and said, being created, or better put recreated, into valuable pearls, which you can wear, a declaration of what you have seen, and what you know.

      “You cannot do this unless you find yourself a quiet place, and you will be still.  I say this, because your journey to truth is within.  Within you The Holy Spirit is waiting to guide you, to counsel you, to be with you.  And, the questions you ask, and the answers you receive, are not designed for another, or others.  The answers you will receive, from The Holy Spirit of God, pertain uniquely to you; and, they are designed this way so that they will give you courage, and strength, and confidence, to go forth and do that which you are meant to do, to meet your destiny, knowing its glory, knowing your destiny is The Divine Plan of God. 

      “You cannot hear these things when you are moving about, running about, doing this chore or that chore.  You cannot hear The Whisper within, when you are singing, and shouting, and dancing.  You cannot hear what is going-on within you, when you are talking to others, or seeking counsel from other human beings.  For, as well intended as other human beings might be, in guiding you to the right place, they can only tell you what they know, how they have been guided.  Their journey is not your journey.  Your journey upon Earth is yours alone.  But, with each child of God, upon the Earth, willing to rise-up and complete their mission, take their journey, all of the unique journeys and missions come together to be one glorious presentation of The Presence of God upon Earth.  You hold within you all you need to know, because The Holy Spirit of God is within you, there waiting.  Most of the time, there, waiting.  Waiting for you to be still, waiting for you to listen, waiting for you to believe the words I said thousands of years ago.  For, I did leave My followers with the promise that The Father would send a Counselor who would be with them forever.  But My words did convey: that this Counsel would be from within; others would not hear it; it would require faith to follow it; but, you would not be alone.  And, this is the only way that you will not be alone – to listen to The Whisper within. 

      “Resist the temptation, this week, to chatter, and move about, and jump about.  Resist the temptation to seek your answers in other human beings.  Resist the temptation to seek counsel and comfort in the arms of other human beings.  Take yourself to a very quiet place and sit.  Be still, and you will feel The Presence within you; and, when this is comfortable for you, you will begin to hear The Whisper; and, when you begin to recognize and hear that Whisper grow, you will know exactly when to rise-up and go forth.  And, at that moment, you will rise-up, and you will go forth, and you will bring Heaven onto the Earth everywhere you go; but, this journey… must begin… within.”