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March 1, 2021


      Respect yourself, so that you might respect others.  The measure of respect, you give to yourself, will be the measure, of respect, you offer others.  Love yourself.  The measure of love, you give to yourself, is the measure, of love, you can offer to others.  And so, it goes.  How you interact with others shows what you think of yourself, how much you respect yourself, how much you love yourself.  Even kindness and compassion must begin within you.  And the measure, of kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, you give to yourself, is the same measure you will offer unto others.  That, which you give to others, shows that, which you have within you.  You cannot give that which you do not have.  Create that which you do not have.  Create respect, love, forgiveness, kindness, and compassion, today.  Respect yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, be kind and compassionate to yourself.  The more work you do, within, the more eternal treasures you create, within, the more you can give to those around you, because that, which you have, can be shared, can be given to others.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Look, and observe, what is happening, all around you.  Watch the interactions of those around you, and you will begin to see, how necessary it is, to go within, and build-up the eternal treasures, which are your true fortune.  These treasures have nothing to do with material things.  They are of greater value.  You cannot give everyone you encounter, a diamond, or a gold necklace, or a new car, or a bag of groceries.  But you can offer kindness, to everyone you meet.  You can measure the value of a bag of groceries, or a new car, but kindness cannot be measured.  Kindness is kindness.  It goes beyond measure.  It is a treasure that you can share, and take with you, on your eternal journey.  Begin to know the true treasures.  Begin to exchange things of the greatest value, the things you can give to everyone.  Give the things that are not bought, but created, within you: respect, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and love.