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March 10, 2019

Sunday Sermons
March 10, 2019
In Peace,
Show The Way


          “I AM with you.  I bring you peace.  My peace, I give to you; and, all you have to do is to open to My peace, embrace My peace, and let it flow into you!  At this moment, there is nothing more powerful you can do, for yourself or others, to restore peace, anew, is (than) to pray, to be still, to reflect, to seek guidance, from God, about what step you should take, next.  It does not matter if anyone, or everyone, around you, is running, from here to there, distraught, in despair, you can be ~ at peace ~ and walk ~ with purpose, and intention, and in peace!   

“Today I wish to share with you these few things, because upon the Earth right now, the ways of the world, are more than challenging, and growing more intense every day.

“It is possible to have a deep faith, and to believe, with fervor, as you believe, as you have been taught, as you know, as The Holy Spirit guides you, and not hold hatred or anger for another person, or a group of people, or an institution, or a law, or society.  It is even possible to hold your belief, and hold your faith, while walking next to another, who holds another belief, another faith.  This is called ‘living in peace.’  This is called honoring another’s belief.  This is called respect.

“It is possible to have another, or opposing, position or point of view, to state your position, concisely, without engaging in arguments, or fighting, or without allowing, and permitting animosity, and hatred to grow within you.

“It is possible take a stand and state your case, by how you live, the things you do, without putting-down those who don’t (do not) agree with you.

“It is trickery to believe that the louder you speak and the harsher your language against the opposition, you will gain, your power will grow, and throngs of individuals will follow you, wherever you go.  It is not true; for a people will grow weary, of the energies of anger and hatred, and they will soon fall, into a state of misery and despair, which will lead to not caring at all; and, they will fall away from you, because they are growing tired, wishing to distance (themselves,) from the energies of anger and hatred.

“Look around you, seek the leaders who make their decision, or their position, known, with clarity, softly, taking a stand, for what they believe, refusing to raise a hand, or a voice, to those who disagree with them.  When you find such people, listen to what they say, and then make your decision, make your way.

          “Refuse to hate!  Refuse to be angry!  Refuse to gossip or speak ill of others!  Do not diminish good, by salting it with words of darkness and shadow, for it will soon be obvious, to all who will hear. 

          “Speak, and let your words be: for the good; for all time; for peace; supporting the freedom of each individual to use the gift of freewill, which God has given unto all of the children!  Be at peace this day!  Grow in peace this day!  Sow the seeds of peace this day, and you will walk in peace, and show The Way!”