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March 10, 2020



      Be mindful, be careful.  Do not reject messages brought to you just because you do not want to hear them.  Hear them.  Be vigilant and watch for the signs.  They will come to you from birds, and clouds, and bolts of lightening that streak across the sky.  Direction will come to you in the form of squirrels, and chipmunks, and flowers.  Guidance will come to you from within, whispered when you are still.  So, when you say you feel alone, or feel lost, remember the words of this day.  Accept the messages, read the signs, listen for The Whisper within.  All these things have been set in place so you do not feel alone, so that you are encouraged, so that you will rise-up and do that which you are meant to do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible for those who have eyes to be unable to see.  It is possible for those who have ears to be unable to hear.  It is possible for those who have hearts to be unable to love.  You must be willing to see.  You must be eager to hear.  You must be ready to love.  Open your eyes and see, see the beauty that is around thee.  Do not hold those things of the world so close to your eyes that you cannot see anything else.  Do not hold the coin so close that it blocks your vision.  Do not fill your ears with noise, because this noise will block the message.  Do not fill your heart with anger, or frustration, or fill it with love of material things, because it will become hardened to the tender love that the angel brings, it will be hardened against the sweet love that Jesus did bring.  Today, open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear, and open your heart to love.