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March 11, 2021


      Resist the temptation to embellish your statement, to add a bit, here and there, to the story, to make your account, of the occurrence, more colorful and interesting.  While this “weaving of a tale” might seem harmless, it can deceive and mislead, setting the scene for deception and manipulation.  Speak the truth, and others will believe, and trust, what you say.  Tell your story, factually, because your story, is “one of a kind,” genuine, and interesting, when recounted with enthusiasm and veracity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       A truthful person is a person of integrity.  You can trust what an honest person says, because they are known for their veracity, the accuracy with which they respond to a question, the manner in which they tell a story, or reconstruct a situation.  Seek, to be in the company of a truthful person, and seek, to establish yourself as a person of integrity.  The truth spoken, leads to peaceful resolve, of any matter.  A seeker of truth is a seeker of peace.