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March 12, 2019



God Speaks

It is time for you to believe and know, that every noble thought
you ever had is possible for you to do, that every noble desire
you ever dreamed about is possible for you to do; because,
My child, that which you are meant to do is written upon
your heart, it is carried in your soul, it is a part of you.
In order to accomplish these noble deeds, to speak these noble words,
must understand that~you have the power of The Creator~of All things,
into and through you!  Do not hesitate because of doubt, or fear, or wor-
ry.  These are tempters, these are energies which will try to keep you from reaching
your destiny of good.   You have the power to cast them from you.   They have no do-
minion over you.   You have been given  dominion  over the darkness  and the shadow.
Therefore, do not fall into the trap, do not become ensnared by the temptations.  Speak
with authority, and say, “Get thee behind me,” and then walk, walk into the glory that
you are meant to be, that you are, in fact, a child of God.  My glory is your glory.  My
story is your story.   Do not be dissuaded, by tempters.   Cast them from you, and
up.  And The Holy Spirit says:  All the good that you wished you could do,
prayed you could do, is within you, there: so that you might  be
all that
you can be, so that you might do all that you can do, so that
you might
be, and do, for the glory of God!