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March 12, 2020



      Do not avoid Me, because you feel as if your heart is full of revenge, retaliation.  Do not hesitate to come to Me, if you feel your heart is full of anger and hatred.  Do not avoid Me, do not hesitate to come to Me, for the very second you make the decision to turn, to see, you will feel Me, and you will begin to sense and feel My love for thee; and, My arms will open, and gather you in, and I will love you.  There will be no chastisement.  There will be no lecture.  There will be no punishment.  There will be love, unconditional love.  So today, do not hesitate.  Come to Me, and you will know love, as you feel My love growing around you, and in you, today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no heart that has been hardened, with revenge or retaliation motives, there is no heart that has been darkened by shadow, which cannot be molded in The Hands of God, molded into a loving heart, a giving heart, a kind heart, because you see that is what is beneath the debris that has hardened the heart within thee.  It has been said that He will take the hearts of stone and break them, remake them, so they are hearts which are filled with love alone.  Today, do not hesitate to sit, held within the love of God, for it will change thee, and remind thee, of who you are, eternally.