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March 13, 2019

God SpeaksWhen there are times that you find you feel
you cannot hear Me, or feel My presence at all,
do not give-up!  It is a sign!  It is time
to clean-out
the hallways and the passages, within, to clean your
inner-being!  Therefore, in those times, stop; set aside
all anger you feel, and refuse to entertain that energy,
no matter what was said or done to you or about you,
to others or about others.   Pray!   Set aside anger,
relieve yourself of fear!   Cast-it, from you!
Refuse to judge others, and refuse
to judge yourself!  As you
begin to unclog
the passageways,
to free your inner-being,
you begin to notice something,
you are lighter, there is more clarity,
you feel different; and, in the cleansing,
you begin to feel and hear, and know; and,
with this miraculous revelation,
you return to
cleaning, sweeping-out, the corners, emptying all
debris, and you soon find you are free; and, you hear
again!   And The Holy Spirit says:  Whenever you feel un-
worthy, whenever you are wrapped in guilt or shame, when-
ever you sentence yourself or others,  and throw upon your back
the weight of guilt,  shame,  you begin to bend.   Your shoulders are
no longer straight,  they,  and your back  are curved
in defeat,  and you
feel less, you feel less than who you are;  but,  with inner-cleansing,  inner-
cleaning,  casting from you all negative beings of energy,  energies of shadow
and darkness,  you rise again,  like the phoenix,  from the flame (ashes.) 
Do not
permit your inner-being to be trashed,  and soiled,  or sullied,  in any way.  Throw
your shoulders back, lift-your-head unto the sky, and proclaim, that you are a child
of God, on a mission, ready, and willing to work, for the glory, of the name, of God!