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March 13, 2020



      Pronouncing that you know you are a child of God, pronouncing that you come from God, is brave, and enlightened, and true.  And, every time you make this announcement, this proclamation, whether it is aloud for anyone to hear, or in the silence within you, you believe it more and more.  Yet, even though you pronounce it, and you proclaim it, and you begin to believe it, more and more, it is elusive, the understanding of it seems to escape you.  It is as a dream, you begin to understand it, and then it escapes you, leaving you only with the proclamation, and the journey into belief.  While you are upon the Earth you call these things mysteries of faith.  You do not understand completely, but you do believe them wholly, within you.  The more time you take to set yourself aside, in sacred reflection, in holy contemplation, you begin to have an inkling of how this can be; and, this journey into understanding begins, and continues, every time you are quiet, and sit with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be disappointed that you cannot understand this mystery of faith.  Be encouraged that, for fleeting seconds here and there, you feel you have grasp it, until it floats from you, twirling in the air, your mind unable to hold it and mold it into something you can understand and comprehend.  But, deep within you, you know it, deep within you, you understand it.  Be still this day, and as you walk, understand that God is with you, and within you, and comprehension will come, in God’s time.