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March 13, 2021



      See a vast vineyard, with grapevines, on every rolling hill, reaching down to the river.  And then, be still, and look around you.  The vineyard is a gathering place, for so many people.  And the people are doing different things.  Some are preparing the Earth to accept the new plants, those cutting, from the vines, on hills, far away.  Others are pruning the vines, others picking grapes, others pulling carts, to collect the grapes, others manning great vats, which hold the grapes, which are to be pressed.  Others are seated at tables, enjoying the juice, from the grape, eating the grapes, laughing, talking.  Look, and see others, dancing, with delight, and enjoying this beautiful day, under the light of the sun.  You are in the vineyard.  No matter what you are doing, to tend the vineyard, you are in the vineyard.  And so, it is, you are upon the Earth.  See Earth, as the vineyard, and understand, that each of you, has your part to play, as you laugh, and dance, in the light of the day. Do not worry about how one is pruning the grapevine, when your task is to prepare the Earth, to accept the plant.  Do your part, so that the vineyard feeds many, and is a good place to be.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you look around, in your family, or at your work, or in a park, a place of recreation and play, you see people doing different things.  Celebrate.  Listen to the stories of those, who have planted trees and flowers.  Listen to the story of those, who have enjoyed the park, for hours, watching birds, and children at play.  Listen to the stories of those, who have come to the park, to be alone, to speak with God, to be still, for they will tell you much, when their time to speak has come.  Look around, today, and appreciate diversity, everyone doing their part, each one contributing to the whole.  Then you will understand that it is all one, and you are a vital piece of The One.  Appreciate that which you do, and appreciate the work of others, for you are all part of The One.