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March 14, 2019


God SpeaksStudents of The Way
are enlightened in The Know-
ing.   Followers of The Way  master
obstacles, and challenges every day, be-
cause they are enlightened in The Knowing.
Students and practicing followers of The Way
walk in confidence, and in joy, because they
are enlightened in The Knowing.  And The
Holy Spirit says: The joys of Earth, and
all that God created upon Earth,
are boundless, these joys
are unlimited; for,
no mat-
where you
are along The Way,
it is possible to be joyful:
in the coming of a new season,
in the sighting of a deer or a bird fly-
ing high above you.  It is possible to be joy-
ful seeing flowers.  It is possible to be joyful, living
as you are meant to live, enlightened ~ in ~ The Knowing!