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March 14, 2020



      Find a sacred space to pray, or create a sacred place to pray, and once you have found that space, or created that space, guard the door carefully, and do not permit chaos and confusion to take root within that sacred space wherein you pray.  It is easy to see chaos around you.  It is easy to recognize confusion around you.  But, if you are connected with Me, My child, you will not experience chaos or confusion.  There is no need to run here or there, there is no need to find a teacher who will show you how to this, or that, or the other.  For, as surprising as it might be, you carry The Teacher within thee.  For, I have poured out My Holy Spirit on all flesh.  There is no need to wander, there is no need to seek in confusion.  Let your seeking be done in peace, in a sacred way, within.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Look about you today.  Do not be distracted by the things of the material world so much as you are in delight of the natural world around you.  Feel the bark of a tree.  Breathe-in the aroma, the fragrance, of a flower.  Feel the rain touch your face, or a breeze.  Let these things be sacred, let them be signs.  The tree, and the flowers, and the breeze, and the rain are as they are.  They need no embellishment.  They do as they are created to do.  Let this, today, apply to you.