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March 14, 2021



      I AM your Eternal Parent.  You were created within My Love.  I AM Spirit, and I AM Love.  Therefore, you come from Love.  There is no need for Me to try, to love you, when I AM Love.  Love is love, with no qualifications, no limitations, no measures.  Love is love, and perfection is held within love.  When you are in My Love, all things are perfect, as they are meant to be.  When you are in love, you see through the eyes of love, for you can see no other way.  There is no other way to be, except love.  When you are with Me, when you desire communication with Me, you feel My Love, more completely, more fully.  It wraps you, and enfolds you.  It is, and therefore, you are held, within My Love.  No altering, or changing, is necessary.  When you are in love, you are experiencing Me.  When you are in My Love, you are knowing Me.  When you reach-out to touch Me, held within My Love for thee, you know Me, and I know thee, for you have come from Me, and we are of Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is none greater than love.  You cannot find a state of energy that can compare with love.  You have heard it said, or you have read it, that God is Love, and God is Spirit.  You are love, and you are spirit.  When you make it a point, to stay connected with God, you know God, because you are enfolded in The Love of God, in a profound way.  You have not stumbled into The Love of God.  You have not backed into The Love of God.  With intention, you have embraced, The Love of God, and you come to know, it is with you, there, to stay.  There is nothing more important to know, than to know, The Love of God, and to know God loves you, The Supreme Parent, The Eternal Parent, your Parent, God.